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Data & Policies

SK bioscience has taken the first step towards full-scale sustainable management. With a mind that puts the environment and human health first, we will become a stepping stone toward a sustainable future.
Close-in image of a magnifying glass and eyeglasses placed over a report with charts.

ESG Disclosure

We transparently disclose ESG information in line with international standards.
A neat stack of reports, fanned out to overlap each other, on a sunlit desk near a window.

Policy and Statement

By enacting various regulations, we are striving to establish a sustainable corporate culture.
A large abstract sphere is centered and made up of connected dots and lines, like an atom molecule, while smaller satellite images surround the sphere showing a woman researcher, a vaccinated woman and the hands of an adult and child exchanging growing buds.


We will publish ESG reports on a regular basis and communicate transparently.
Hands of people of varying races, genders and skin colors are clasped in an overlapping handshake of solidarity.

Stakeholders Engagement

We will actively collect the opinions of stakeholders and reflect them in our management.
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Awards and Initiatives

We voluntarily participate in initiatives to strengthen our commitment to action.