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Data & Policies

Stakeholder Engagement

SK bioscience actively communicates with its internal and external stakeholders through various channels, and the results of communication are reflected in our efforts for sustainable growth.

Stakeholder EngagementIt displays various communication channels with internal and external stakeholders and highlights key issues.
StakeholderCommunication ChannelMaterial Issue
CustomersSales/marketing channels, online reports, etc.Product safety and customer satisfaction activities
Shareholders/ investment institutionsIR meetings, investment briefings, general meetings of stockholders, electronic disclosures, etc.Business performance, shareholder profit, investment plan
Business partnersPartner meetings, etc.Fair trade, shared growth program
Press/PublicOn/offline press conferences, website, press releases, phone calls, etc.Response to media regarding inquiries, company events, and industry trends
Governments and associationsMeetings, public hearings, seminars, dialog organizations (consultative bodies, etc.), written inquiries, etc.Establishment of a global bio-ecosystem, shared growth, etc.
EmployeesInternal bulletin board, Happy Man Talk, HR briefing sessions, surveys, collective bargaining and labor management councilHR system, organizational culture, wages and benefits, work conditions, work-life balance
Communities/NGOsCorporate philanthropy activities, meetings with local governments and expertsNurturing local talent, creating jobs, and contributing to society