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SK DBL Introduction

Aligned with its core management principle, the Double Bottom Line(DBL), SK Group has been quantifying the social value(SV) generated by contributing to addressing social issues and pursuing employee happiness in monetary terms since 2019. SK bioscience adopts this SK Group’s method to gauge its own performance. Moving forward, we will continue to actively expand our efforts to create social value through business expansion and ESG management in line with SK Group’s management direction of pursuing both economic and social value.

Economic Value

The final outcome of corporate economic activities, the financial performance that is disclosed in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

  • Revenue
  • Expenses

Social Value

The social performance created by generating social benefits and reducing social damage costs through corporate economic activities

  • Social benefits
  • Social costs

SK bioscience provides tangible measurement indicators and reference points to quantify the social value it creates, focusing on three main areas of measurement: indirect economic contribution, environmental performance, and social performance.

DBL Implementation Strategy and Framework

The DBL measurement indicators developed in consideration of SK bioscience’s business environment are as follows: ‘Indirect Economic Contribution’ measures the value added to the economy through corporate activities, including employment, taxes, and dividends. ‘Environmental Performance’ measures the value contributed to society through environmental products and services, as well as environmental processes. ‘Social Performance’ measures the value created through improving the quality of life via our products/ services, stakeholder happiness, and social philanthropic activities in local communities. We collaborate with a group of social value experts to select detailed indicators for each of the three areas. These indicators are updated every year based on our business implementation, and an objective methodology is used to calculate the monetary values of each performance. The results are then shared with our stakeholders and actively utilized in establishing our management strategy and decision-making.

  • Indirect Economic Contribution
  • Environmental Performance
  • Social Performance

Indirect Economic Contribution

Through its business activities, SK bioscience not only generates economic performance for itself but also makes an indirect contribution to the overall economy.

경제간접 기여성과 그래프, 자세한 내용은 아래표를 참고하세요.

(Unit: KRW 100 million)

  • Employment
  • Dividends
  • payments
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Environmental Performance

SK bioscience strives to minimize the environmental impact of its vaccines throughout the entire process of R&D, production, and distribution. We will regularly measure and monitor our environmental performance to continually improve it.

환경성과 그래프, 자세한 내용은 아래표를 참고하세요.

(Unit: KRW 100 million)

  • Environmental (Products)
  • Environmental (Process)
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Social Performance

SK bioscience creates social performance by improving the health of customers through vaccines, pursuing the happiness of stakeholders such as employees, and contributing to local communities through social philanthropic activities. As we face the endemic phase of COVID-19, we are committed to strengthening social and health safety nets and addressing the social issues in the medical and health fields that cannot be solved solely through vaccines. Looking ahead, we will continue to create social value linked to our business by fostering global bio talent who will join us in preparing for the next pandemic.

사회성과 그래프, 자세한 내용은 아래표를 참고하세요.

(Unit: KRW 100 million)

  • Social (quality of life)
  • Social(labor)
  • Social (shared-growth)
  • Corporate philanthropy
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