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SK bioscience is striving to protect the earth and the environment based on the SHE management policy. In addition, a dedicated department was established to strengthen the management system.
Several laboratory test tubes containing green sprouts in liquid.

Environmental Story

We protect the environment by minimizing carbon emissions and strengthening pollutant management.
On a sunny beach, a group of children in a tight circle reach up their arms to hold an inflated large ball shaped and colored like the earth against a blue sky.

Climate Action

To overcome global warming, we are taking the lead in reducing greenhouse gases.
A distant farm of wind turbines in the open sea at dusk.

Energy Consumption Management and Reduction

We are reducing power consumption by introducing eco-friendly materials and technologies.
A close-in image of a hand holding a recycled plastic bottle filled with soil and a sprout with growing green buds. Several similar recycled plastic bottles with growing plants are shown on a shelf in the blurred background.

Waste and Pollutant

We prevent environmental pollution by managing the amount of waste generated at the company-wide level.
Cropped image of a giraffe’s head and a bit of its neck in profile with a small bird in symbiotic connection flying over the animal's head.

Biodiversity Conservation

We seek coexistence with nature through environmental and ecosystem protection activities.