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Biodiversity Conservation

SK bioscience recognizes the importance of protecting the ecosystem and nature. We are particularly committed to preserving the natural environment around our business sites. For example, as part of our efforts to raise internal awareness of environmental conservation, our employees clean up around the sites on a regular basis. Furthermore, by including environmental conservation training in our regular in-house training courses, we emphasize the importance of ecological conservation when it comes to business continuity.

When expanding a business site, SK bioscience seeks to preserve the original form as much as possible to protect the surrounding natural environment and ecosystem. Therefore, in August 2021, we signed a contract for a new site adjacent to L HOUSE to invest in factory expansion. The area is an industrial complex development area designated by Gyeongsangbuk-do, and has long been covered with mountains and fields.

From the beginning of the industrial complex development, SK bioscience collaborated with local governments, including Gyeongsangbuk-do and Andong-si, and industrial complexes to use the least amount of land possible while developing a plan to preserve the remaining space in its original form. The current conservation area for natural archetypes corresponds to approximately 9% of the purchased land, or 9,000㎡, which is roughly the size of a soccer field. SK bioscience will continue to preserve the natural environment and coexist with nature and wildlife.