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Environmental Story

Environmental Management Policy

SK bioscience’s SHE(Safety, Health & Environment ) management policy lies at the heart of our environmental management system. It contains our commitments to protecting the earth and the environment from various perspectives. Our commitments include minimizing the ecological impacts throughout the entire business operations, managing environmental performance for all business sites and partners, complying with environmental laws, and responding to climate change.

Minimizing the Environmental Impacts of Business Operations and Products
  • We do our utmost to use resources and energy sustainably, reduce environmental pollutants and chemical emissions. We recycle wastewater throughout the entire process of business operations from R&D to production, distribution, and disposal.
  • We operate an environmental management system and continuously manage improvement performance by regularly monitoring all businesses and partners.
  • We comply with environmental laws and regulations and invest in combating global climate change and preserving local ecosystems and environments.

At the HQ and L HOUSE, SK bioscience has established and manages a division dedicated to environmental management. We have specifically prepared a system to reduce environmental impacts by promptly responding to environmental issues within our business sites. By reflecting global trends, SK bioscience intends to reset and clarify the scope of environmental management. We have been rebuilding our management system to reduce environmental pollution and the impact on local communities throughout the product life cycle, from raw material introduction to manufacturing, distribution, and disposal.

<SK BS SHE Managemanet>

Environmental Goals, Plans and Achievements

In addition, SK bioscience plans to establish more diversified activities plans and strategies for 2022 to achieve environmental goals, manage performance and disclose transparently.

Systemization of Environmental Management(2022)

Environmental Goals

SK bioscience’s environmental management goals focus on minimizing emissions by monitoring carbon emissions, managing water/air pollution through the Building Management System(BMS), and managing the impact of waste disposal.

SK bioscience seeks to generate consistent environmental performance by organically linking SHE goals and plans with environmental goals. In the second half of 2022, we plan to document regulations on various environmental issues, and computerize the SHE system to improve accessibility by meeting the requirements for ISO 14001, which is an EMS certification.

<Violation of Environmental Laws>

<Violation of Environmental Laws>It provides a detailed breakdown of environmental regulation violations and lists the violations from 2019 to 2021.
Number of violations of legal obligations/regulationsNo.000
Fine amount related to the aboveKRW000
Number of lawsuits filedNo.000
Number of non-monetary sanctionsNo.000

<Environmental Investment and Management>

<Environmental Investment and Management>We are indicating the performance, plans, and execution rate of environmental investments from 2019 to 2021.
Environmental Investment*ExecutionKRW 100 Million2.62.53.15
PlanKRW 100 Million2.62.53.15
Investment Excution rate%100%100%100%
  • * Amount limited to L HOUSE

Campaigns to Spread Eco-friendly Culture

SK bioscience conducts various campaigns to spread an eco-friendly culture. For instance, we halted the use of disposable paper cups and encourage our employees to use shared or their own tumblers. At the cafeteria, we urge our employees to reduce food waste and practice the ecofriendly.

public stainless steel tumblers
public white tumblers

* Tumblers used at the company cafe