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Our ESG Approach

CEO Message

Healthier life, Sustainable Future

ceo portrait

We will continue to challenge ourselves in pursuit of our goal of sustainable growth.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who continuously supports SK bioscience’s efforts to combat COVID-19, and now our step forward to protect global healthcare amid an endemic and the next pandemic.

After launching its vaccine business in 2001, SK bioscience embarked on the ‘Build-up’ phase to lay the groundwork for future growth. With unwavering belief in ‘promoting human health’, SK bioscience has completed the process that connects the entire vaccine value chain from across research, manufacturing, approval, and commercialization through continuous investment, including the development of its own vaccines against influenza, varicella, and zoster. In 2018, it became a spin-off of SK chemicals that specializes in vaccines, improving the business expertise and management efficiency.

Since the beginning of 2020, SK bioscience has implemented a ‘Two-track’ strategy amid the pandemic, which consists of C(D)MO business for global vaccine manufacturing and in-house vaccine development. Consequently, SK bioscience met its mid-term vision ahead of schedule, including a record-breaking sales performance in 2021.

SK bioscience had a historic year in 2021 with a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO). Our ‘Two-track’ strategy for COVID-19 vaccine development resulted in remarkable achievements, such as becoming the first Korean vaccine company with an EU-GMP certified manufacturing facility and successfully entering Phase III clinical trial of our in-house vaccine.

We organized the ESG Committee and the ESG Team to lay the groundwork for fair and shared growth management from an ESG standpoint. Furthermore, we are establishing a global biopharma ecosystem to support human resource development through industry-academia collaboration.

In 2022, SK bioscience will continue to pursue sustainable growth in line with its elevated status, and will take another step forward with ‘SKBS 3.0.’ Driven by our mission ‘to promote human health’ and new vision ‘Global Innovative Partner of Vaccines and Biotech,’ we aim to become a vaccine and biotechnology industry leader by establishing the fundamentals of global top-tier R&D and production.

To this end, we will expand our overseas network further to solidify our market position and promote our new CDMO business and platform. Meanwhile, we will serve as an international vaccine hub and contribute to public health by establishing vaccine production infrastructure in areas where vaccine supply is limited. We will also strengthen our key infrastructure by expanding Andong L HOUSE and establishing the Songdo R&PD Center. Based on this infrastructure, we will accelerate our investments in new businesses with high growth potential, such as cell and gene therapy(CGT), a critical means of implementing our mid- to long-term growth strategies.

In addition, 2022 marks the beginning of SK bioscience’s ESG activities. We have established four strategic areas for ESG in line with our mission and vision: △Building an eco-friendly management system △Being a reliable partner for society △Creating social value through business and △Implementing sustainable governance. SK bioscience will continue to implement tasks for each strategic area in order to advance its level of ESG management.

SK bioscience will convey the clear goals and consistent direction of our ESG management via our ESG homepage. As a token of this commitment, we will lead corporate growth and contribute to public health while communicating actively with stakeholders and fulfilling our social responsibilities. We ask for your continued interest in and support for our new endeavors.

Thank you.

Chief Executive Officer, SK bioscience
Jae Yong Ahn