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Our ESG Approach

Materiality Assessments

Materiality Assessment

SK bioscience has created an ESG issue pool by analyzing reporting topics from the same industry, international standards, and media. We evaluated the issues in the pool using ESG initiatives and evaluation indicators, company benchmarking, stakeholder questionnaires, and media research analysis. We selected 11 material issues based on business relevance and stakeholder interest.

<SASB Materiality Factors by Business>

<SASB Materiality Factors by Business>The main issues of SASB's business areas are in the fields of Environment, Social Capital, Human Capital, Business Model & Innovation, and Leadership & Governance.
Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
Environment -
Social CapitalHuman Rights & Community Relations Access & Affordability Product Quality &Safety Product Quality & Safety Customer Welfare Customer Welfare Selling Practices & Product Labeling
Human CapitalEmployee Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion
Business Model & InnovationSupply Chain Management
Leadership & GovernanceBusiness Ethics

Materiality Assessment Process

<Assessment Process>

ESG Materiality Factor

<Material Issues>

<Material Issues>The important issues are divided into the areas of Economy, Environment, Social, and Governance.
CategoryMaterial issues
  • Future growth strategies
  • Minimization of environmental impact
  • Response to climate change
  • Product safety and quality
  • Talent acquisition and development
  • Creating SV (social value) through business
  • Expansion of human rights management
  • Expansion of corporate philanthropy activities and community participation
  • Advancement of ethical/compliance management
  • Reinforcement of Board-led management
  • ESG management internalization