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Employee Happiness

BS Happiness Management

SK bioscience pursues a high-performance organizational culture in which warm-hearted professionals create their growth and company performance through immersion. We are convinced that happiness is a prerequisite for immersion, which is essential for high performance. Thereby, we make various efforts to create an environment where warm-hearted professionals can be fully engaged in their job.

The CEO-employee “Happy Man Talk” is conducted 100 times a year to establish a virtuous cycle of communication, and we also actively implement happiness management led by employees by appointing ‘OHB(Our Happy Bioscience)’ members to define happiness and develop Anchor Programs.

In addition, the SK Culture Survey is conducted every year to diagnose the level of organizational culture and identify matters that need improvement. This way, we will create a healthy organizational culture where employees feel happy in corporate life and derive the best results by being fully immersed in work.

Diversity and Inclusion

In employee recruitment and promotions, we do not discriminate based on gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, race, place of origin or education. To maintain equal treatment, we set and disclose management indicators, including gender wage ratio, gender ratio by position, turnover rate and percentage of employee contract types. We are improving problems identified by the indicators and promptly respond to any reports of discrimination or unethical acts.

<Employee Gender Status (Including concurrent position)>

<Employee Gender Status (Including concurrent position)>We are indicating the gender breakdown of all members and executives from 2019 to 2021.
Total Number of Employee*Persons331141556276636371
  • * All directly hired employees
  • ** Non-executive Officers

<Ratio of Female Employee>

<Ratio of Female Employee>It details the proportion of female members and management staff from 2019 to 2021.
Female RatioRatio of female employees%303337
Female ManagersRatio of female employee among mangers (executive-level and manger)%161721
Ratio of female employee among working level (G2~G3)%141622
Ratio of female employee among executive level%201919
Revenue generating division/position%201950
STEM position%332631

SK bioscience strives to create an organizational culture where competent female talent can fully demonstrate their abilities to grow into next-generation leaders and become role models. We strive to ensure women’s participation in the decision-making process and fair opportunities for leadership. In addition, we foster next-generation female leaders by increasing the number of female executives and providing female leadership training and mentoring.

<Employee Age Ratio>

<Employee Age Ratio>It indicates the distribution of members by age group from 2019 to 2021.
Under 30Persons153401546
30s and 40sPersons297397422
50 and abovePersons223439

<Disabled and Veterans Employee Ratio>

<Disabled and Veterans Employee Ratio>It provides a detailed breakdown of the number and proportion of disabled and veteran family members from 2019 to 2021.

SK bioscience puts forth ceaseless efforts to realize social value through active ‘job creation and employment for the disabled.’ As of the end of 2021, we recorded 3.91%, surpassing the compulsory employment rate for the disabled.

Moreover, we strive to create jobs by continuing job development activities in connection with the Employment Agency for the Disabled to provide new jobs and various learning experiences. We will set an example by making continuous efforts and carrying out more activities to provide new jobs and learning experiences in various fields.

<New Employees>

<New Employees>We are indicating the number of newly hired employees by gender from 2019 to 2021.
Number of new employeesPersons59309067363240

<Number of Workers by Contract Type>

<Number of Workers by Contract Type>It indicates the number of regular and non-regular workers from 2019 to 2021.
Regular workerPerson432575675
Contract WorkerPerson40257332

Evaluation and Compensation

<SK bioscience Evaluation/Compensation Policy>

SK bioscience operates a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) based performance evaluation system so that employees can set goals on their own, consult with leaders throughout the year, and participate in the evaluation process on their own. Additionally, the core competencies required for SK bioscience are defined and managed by employees, employees. And competency evaluation is conducted based on behavioral examples.

Absolute evaluation is conducted to prevent unnecessary internal comparisons and excessive competition, and to create an atmosphere that supports mutual success. Employees set challenging goals and continuously strive to create performance and improve capabilities. Real-time communication and feedback are implemented together with regular performance management that emphasizes process management, and review sessions are held by executives and subordinate leaders to ensure a fairer evaluation.

At the beginning of the year, we host a goal session where employees share and agree on their goal level and competency development plan. At the end of the year, an evaluation session is held to enhance transparency and fairness by confirming the opinion submitted by the team leader. Rather than making a fragmented judgment, the primary goal of the SK bioscience evaluation system is to assist employees in improving their actual performance and competency.

<Performance Evaluation Process>

We conduct a peer review once a year to provide an opportunity to look back at ourselves through the eyes of our co-workers. We demonstrate teamwork and collaboration by assisting our employees to explore their attributes, enhance their strengths, and improve their weaknesses.

SK bioscience’s compensation system is customized for each organization and individual, focusing on market value. We strive to create an environment where employees can immerse themselves in their work by setting the standard annual salary reflecting individual capabilities and operating an incentive system that reflects organizational and individual performance.

<Ratio of Basic Salary of Women to Men*>

<Ratio of Basic Salary of Women to Men*>It indicates the ratio of salaries between men and women from 2019 to 2021, classified by executives, G3, G2, G1, and employees.
Mangers (G3)%10196102
Non-managerial staff (G1, G2)%949399
  • * Ratio of basic salary of women to men = Female monthly salary/Male monthly salary x100
  • ** Calculated based on the total salary of employees, including registered executives.

Employees Happiness

Work Environment Improvement

SK bioscience continuously strives to improve the laboratory space and work environment by actively collecting employees’ opinions to improve their work immersion and efficiency. We operate the Smart Work Center (Jongro), which functions as an office and meeting room. By granting our employees free access to the center, we foster a work environment where employees can reduce their commuting time and focus on work.

Perks and Benefits

SK bioscience supports various systems to create a workplace where employees are happy. For example, in early 2022, we decided to increase benefit allowances for self-development and living support to promote employee satisfaction and welfare. In addition, we expanded family support such as health checkups and vaccinations. In the second half of 2022, we plan to complement the employee benefits by sufficiently collecting the voices of our employees.

<Employee Benefits Package>

<Employee Benefits Package>It details welfare systems that are categorized into housing support, deductions/finance, medical/health, and self-development.
Category Employee Benefits Package
Living expenses SupportBenefit Allowances
Purchasing Eco-Friendly Farm Product
SK Family Card Annual Fee Support
Cell Phone Reimbursement
Home Loan Support
Student Financial Aid
Deduction/FinanceCongratulations and Condolences
Tuition Benefits for Dependent Children
Long Service Award
Medical/ HealthMedical Expense Support
Health Checkups
Self-DevelopmentExternal Training Expense Support
Language Learning

<Expenses for Perks and Benefits>

<Expenses for Perks and Benefits>We are indicating the total welfare expenses and per capita welfare expenses from 2019 to 2021.
Total expenses for perks and benefitsKRW 1 million2,1922,8053,745
Expenses for perks and benefits per personKRW 1 million4.643.373.72

<Benefits Provided to Full-time Employees that are Not Provided to Temporary or Part-time Employees>

<Benefits Provided to Full-time Employees that are Not Provided to Temporary or Part-time Employees>It explains the health and welfare-related systems provided to members and indicates whether non-regular employees are provided.
Standard benefits offered to employeesExplanationProvided to contrack worker
maternity leave, child care leave, infertility treatment leaveAccording to the relevant laws, we support system such as maternity, childcare, infertility treatment leave. Moreover, we support reduction of working hours for pregnancy, vocation,etc.Provided
Tuition Benefits for Dependent ChildrenWe provide congratulatory fee for kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school to the children of the staff. Also, we support actual expenses in high school and university without restriction on the number of children.Provided
Congratulations and CondolencesWe provide funding and vacations are provided for celebrations and condolences for employee and employee’s family.Provided
Family care leaveOur employees may take leaves of absence when needed to care for struggling family members.Provided
Support for medical expensesWe support our employee (include family) medical expense such as reimbursement and non-reimbursement.Provided
Support for paid leaveOur employees may use paid leaves of absence when needed to recover from illness, injury or similar reasons.Provided
Operation of fitness centerWe offer access to an on-site fitness center to all employees.Provided

<Perks and Benefits Policy>

<Perks and Benefits Policy>It indicates the difference between non-regular and regular workers in terms of health and welfare systems.
Differences between full-time worker and contract worker related to perks and benefitsYes

<Pension Support>

<Pension Support>We are indicating the status of the operation of the retirement pension system from 2019 to 2021.
Defined Benefit (DB)Persons379406301

<Diversifying Ways to Work>

<Diversifying Ways to Work>It indicates various work system policies and explanations, as well as whether non-regular employment is provided.
System/ProgramDetailAvailability for non-regular employees
Staggered commute times Flexible work systemStaggering commute times and offering flextime hours in accordance with the monthly limit gives employees greater control over plans and work hours.Available
Work from home (working outside company offices)We operate a work-from-home system to support everyday needs, such as family crises, childcare or social or health emergencies, such as the spread of infectious diseases.Available
Mobile officeWe operate a mobile office in Seolin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul that employees can easily access when needed.Available

SK bioscience operates a Flextime policy to balance the work and life of its employees and create an immersive workplace. Employees can adjust their schedules to suit their life-style or circumstances and decide when to focus on their work.

Also, we promote smart working for flexibility and immersion in the workplace. We respect employee autonomy and support a healthy work-life balance so that all employees can immerse themselves in a happy work environment.

<Childcare Leave Status>

<Childcare Leave Status>We are categorizing users and returnees of parental leave, as well as members who have worked for more than 12 months after returning, by gender and indicating from 2019 to 2021.
Users of Childcare LeavePersons1506411
Employees who have returned after childcare leavePersons150625
Employees who have served more than one year after reinstatementPersons001518

Labor-Management Culture

SK bioscience practices a labor-management culture of shared growth and harmony through various sincere communication channels based on the SKMS(SK Management System).

A labor-management consultative body has been established to improve working conditions and company productivity by conducting collective bargaining negotiations with the L HOUSE-centered labor union(121 employees as of March 2022). In addition, we strive to establish a culture of respect and improve the work environment.

In 2021, we adopted and proclaimed a shared growth cooperation declaration. Under the declaration, we will promote growth of the company, happiness of our employees and competitiveness via securing the global top-tier product quality. At the same time, we will devote our efforts to become a company admired by society and the people through various philanthropic activities based on co-prosperity and cooperation.

Along with cooperative communication with the labor union, we operate OHB(Our Happy Bioscience). This company-wide labor-management joint committee gathers employees’ pain points and plans happiness programs. It also listens to employees’ opinions frequently and reflects them in management activities and organizational operations. Meanwhile, our quarterly management briefing sessions BS+, which are attended by all employees, elevate their understanding of the overall management, and offer both labor and management an opportunity to actively participate in the company’s growth.

We take various measures to create a safe and satisfactory work environment. First, our labor management grievance ombudsman resolves conflicts among our employees. Also, we have established guidelines on the prevention of workplace harassment to raise awareness of human rights violations and reinforce our preemptive measures against potential human rights issues. Last but not least, we operate the Labor-Management Safety and Health Committee to ensure that our employees are staying safe and content.

<Collective Bargaining Status>

<Collective Bargaining Status>We are indicating the number and proportion of members who have joined the labor union and the labor-management council from 2019 to 2021.
Number of registered employeesPersons9911267
Group membership rate%10010097.1

Talent Development

SK bioscience aspires to foster global talent through value training to enforce common core values, leader training programs for future preparation, global capacity building training, Hi-Po(High-Potential) training, and expert training for each field.

Starting in 2022, SK bioscience will be establishing the BS Academy and developing a training system that supports value and competency acquisition to help employees grow into warmhearted professionals. In addition, by reestablishing the job system, we plan to consider developing the career path for each position and improving the course development and training system.

Leader Development Programs

We offer an onboarding program for employees who are appointed as new team leaders. We support new leaders in performing their duties by providing them with regular training that defines their roles as team leaders and develops core competencies for performance creation/organizational management. In addition, we effectively nurture leaders through a process that provides opportunities for leadership development, such as training and coaching, by conducting a ‘multifaceted leadership assessment’ every year so that we can have an objective view of its leadership. In 2022, we plan to support leadership skills development and training by providing interpretation and customized leadership solutions based on individual leadership results.

New Hire Training Programs

SK bioscience conducts an onboarding training program to enhance the understanding of the SK group and support employees’ adaptation. By developing customized programs and courses according to the types of recruitment, such as recruitment for entry-level employees and experienced employees, we support new employees to understand the organization and make an early soft landing.

<Education for Officers and Employees>

<Education for Officers and Employees>It details the education time and cost of members from 2019 to 2021.
Average annual cost of education per personin KRW millions1.110.781.05
Total educational investmentin KRW millions530654982
Average annual hours of education per personHour30106
Total educational hoursHour14,3728,4985,537

<Employee Satisfaction (Degree of Immersion)>

<Employee Satisfaction (Degree of Immersion)>We are indicating the satisfaction level of members from 2019 to 2021 by dividing them into participating members, ratio, and score.
Participation rate%-59.161.3
Number of participantsPersons-204328
Total scoreScore63.366.865.3

Safety Health Management Policy

Based on human-centric management principles, SK bioscience has established a SHE(Safety, Health & Environment ) management system. We will continue to advance the SHE management system by adhering to SHE management values and policies that prioritize the happiness of our stakeholders and solidify our position as the industry’s SHE leader.

<SK bioscience SHE Management System>

SHE management policy serves as the foundation of SK bioscience’s safety and health management system. We constantly maintain a zero-accident workplace by creating a voluntary safety culture, in addition to complying with relevant laws and standards and improving risk factors.

Creating a Safe and Healthy Workplace
  • We engage our employees in creating a safety culture.
  • We create a zero-accident workplace through safety-related regulations and standards observation and continuous mitigation of risk factors.
  • We implement secure work methods in handling harmful aspects and conduct activities for disease prevention and health promotion.
  • We maintain business continuity through the emergency response system and minimize damage on employees, stakeholders, and local communities.

Internal System

SK bioscience has established SHE management regulations to promote internal SHE management consistently. In 2021, we launched a dedicated SHE organization at the head office and L HOUSE for systematic control.

<SHE Management Internal System>

Safety Health International Certification

SK bioscience L HOUSE acquired the OHSAS 18001 and KOSHA 18001 safety and health management certifications in 2016 and obtained ISO 45001, an international safety and health management system standard, in 2018. We plan to maintain the certification by conducting an ISO 45001 renewal audit in the second half of 2022.

SHE Goal Setting

SK bioscience has established SHE management goals to minimize the impact of our business activities on employees, stakeholders, local communities, and the environment. We prevent SHE accidents at all sites, comply with relevant laws, and manage safety, health, and environmental impacts in an integrated way.

<SHE Goals>

<SHE Goals, Plans and Achievements>

<SHE Goals, Plans and Achievements>It indicates the 2021 SHE goals, plans, and achievements, as well as the 2022 goals and plans.
2021 Goals and Plans2021 Achievements2022 Goals and Plans
Operation of Healthcare office and COVID-19 briefing roomEstablishment of Healthcare office and COVID-19 briefing room to promote worker health and respond quickly to COVID-19Introduction of a remote monitoring system for gas leak area
SHE Patrol system operation by positionLeader-level SHE inspection activities through monthly team leader joint inspectionEstablishment of an integrated crisis response system through the operation of the SHE briefing room
Production of instructional videos for the visitorsEnforcement of the SHE training for personnel entering the sites through the production of instructional videosReinforcement of the SHE management regulations for outsourced/construction companies
Establishment of the SHE IT systemEstablishment and operation of an integrated SHE system using the IT systemSHE IT system mobile application management

Health and Safety Risk Assessment Process

SK bioscience specifies the removal of SHE risk factors as a significant process in implementing the management system and conducts risk assessments for all operations to prevent accidents and improve workers’ health. The company hereby discovers potential risks, including those arising from operation, secures safety and health measures, and manages so that workers can work in a safe environment.

<Health and Safety Risk Assessment Process>

SK bioscience evaluates the entire work, beginning with the preliminary preparation step of assessing the subject and scope of the risk assessment. Then, the risk factors for each unit task are assessed by identifying harmful risk factors, and the work is separated based on the risk factors.

In the risk estimation and determination stage, the magnitude of the possibility and severity of injury or disease is estimated for each hazard and risk factor. Then the significance of the risk is calculated to determine whether it is acceptable.

When establishing and implementing risk reduction plans, we devise measures to mitigate the unacceptable risks to include them in the reasonably practicable range. Then, through consistent monitoring, we confirm that the evaluation was conducted on-site, and we look for emerging risks in the new work environments.

Occupational Safety and Health Management

SK bioscience has established a joint Occupational Safety and Health Committee between labor and management at the head office and L HOUSE, respectively, for the health of workers and accident prevention in the workplace. The Occupational Safety and Health Committee is held on a quarterly basis. It listens to the opinions of workers on changes to major safety and health regulations, including the basic safety and health management system, and strives to reflect them in practice.

The number of workers and business operators participating in each Occupational Safety and Health Committee was paired at both sites; HQ(seven employees) and L HOUSE(six employees). We believe this structure of the committees will provide the groundwork for improvement and follow-up measures for workers’ safety.

<Occupational Safety and Health Committee by Site>

Spreading a Safety Culture

Employee Safety Training

SK bioscience conducts SHE training for all employees and has produced a SHE training video for visitors that reflects its business characteristics so that they can be aware of the regulations in advance.

In 2022, we plan to conduct external SHE training to improve the SHE competency of our employees. We plan to develop and continuously carry out activities to create a culture so that all employees of the company understand the importance of occupational safety and health management and participate voluntarily.

<Safety Training>

<Safety Training>It provides detailed information on the number of people who completed safety education and the education time from 2019 to 2021.
Total training hoursHour9,34011,48816,872
Employees who received trainingPersons474617939
Average training hours per employeeHourHQ: 12 office workers, 24 non-office workers L-House: 16HQ: 12 office workers, 24 non-office workers L-House: 16HQ: 12 office workers, 24 non-office workers L-House: 16

Safety Culture Assessment

SK bioscience improves the SHE system at business sites through an objective evaluation by inspecting SHE activities among affiliates. Starting from 2022, we will conduct SHE activity evaluation using a checklist to systematize evaluation and improvement activities. Also, we will evaluate the level of our safety culture and improve deficiencies by continuously engaging with other business sites of affiliated companies and benchmarking them.

Establishment of a Safe Work Environment

SK bioscience continues to listen to employees on-site to discover and improve risk factors in the workplace. To expand the management’s participation in SHE activities, SHE joint inspection involving each team leader is conducted every month to secure opportunities for improvement. Even with the absence of direct or visible accidents or risk factors, we continuously discover and manage near miss so that even the smallest risk factors do not remain in the workplace.

Employee Health Management

Health Service

SK bioscience provide various system for employees’ safe workplace and health.

SK bioscience conducts regular health checkups for all employees to improve their health. We check each employee’s health and separately manage the ones with symptoms in order to take a preemptive approach to health and disease. In addition, by operating a health administration office, we provide health counseling and support first aid at work. Also, we prevent and control diseases caused by harmful substances, musculoskeletal disorders and mental disorders such as job stress.

We also provide inoculation and treatment to prevent diseases with risk of infection, such as influenza, to help workers focus on work in a healthy state. We encourage our employees to improve their health by designing workplace health promotion programs that include muscle training and dieting. Starting from 2022, we plan to systematize the programs by giving awards to outstanding participants.

On-site SHE Inspection System

From the Job Safety (Hazard) Analysis (JSA, JHA) stage, SK bioscience conducts regular safety and health inspections to identify and manage health hazards for workers. We constantly check on-site health risk factors, review the risks in advance when introducing processes or hazardous substances that may harm workers’ health, and adopt work methods that can minimize the degree of risk.

Employee Safety Indicators

We collect, manage and transparently disclose a variety of indicators that track employee safety.

<Occupational Accident>

<Occupational Accident>It provides detailed information on the number of industrial safety accidents, accident rates, frequency rates, losses, and fatalities from 2019 to 2021.
Occupational AccidentNumber of accidentsNo.101
Accident rate%0.2100.16
Lost-Time Injuries Frequency Rate(LTIFR) (employees)Case/million working hours0.2100.16
Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate(TRIFR) (employees)Case/million working hours1.0500.50
Total working hoursHour948,0001,664,0002,014,000
LossLost workdayDay14029
Number of workrelated deathsEmployeesPersons000
Business partnersPersons000

Supplier Safety and Health Management

SK bioscience’s safety and health management activities are not limited to our company. To prevent accidents of business partners, safety and health training is provided to all workers in the workplace, including those of resident business partners, and safety and health checks are regularly conducted between tasks to continue improvement activities.

When selecting partners, we examine safety and health qualifications to induce them to invest in safety and health improvement. Starting this year, we will be focusing on safety and health even more by mandating the evaluation of supplier qualifications and reflecting the quarterly evaluation results when considering additional contracts.

SK bioscience continues to communicate with stakeholders on all safety- and health-related matters occurring in the workplace. We encourage and support our partners to improve their safety and health systems by, for example, checking whether they have implemented internal safety and health training.