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Human Rights Management

Human Rights Management Policy

SK bioscience upholds and reflects the human rights protection and labor standards in its human rights policies. The global standards include the UN Business and Human Rights Implementation Principles and labor standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO). In 2022, we plan to adopt and publish a human rights management declaration that includes various internal and external stakeholders and reflects the characteristics of our business.

We take measures to prevent direct or indirect human rights violations in the workplace or human rights violations caused by business relationships. For example, our various HR regulations such as employment rules, Safety·Health·Environment(SHE) policy, Code of Ethics and Practice Guidelines, etc. are strictly observed in our business activities.

Human Rights Impact Assessment and Monitoring

In the second half of 2022, SK bioscience plans to operate a human rights impact assessment process to identify and manage human rights risks. We plan to establish a self-diagnosis checklist for human rights impacts by referring to global guidelines and internal management indicators such as work environment, conditions, and human resources operation. In addition, we will conduct an online survey of all employees and business partners.

We will identify potential human rights risks through the impact assessment and work with relevant divisions to analyze the root cause and implement improvement tasks on the derived risks.

Human Rights Training

SK bioscience provides human rights training to all employees every year to internally enforce human rights. From 2019 to 2021, we raised the human rights sensitivity of all employees through workplace sexual harassment training and disability Awareness training.

In 2021, 94.3% of incumbent employees completed sexual harassment prevention training, and 93.2% completed disability awareness training. We will continue to spread a culture of respect for human rights among our employees through various training programs.

<Human Rights Training Status>

<Human Rights Training Status>It details the status of human rights education, including sexual harassment prevention education and disability awareness education, from 2019 to 2021.
Sexual Harassment Prevention TrainingTraining TargetPerson413471795
Training RecipientPerson413471750
Completion Rate%10010094.3
Disability Awareness TrainingTraining TargetPerson427486795
Training RecipientPerson427434741
Completion Rate%10089.393.2

Human Right Grievance Channels and Corrective Action

SK bioscience classifies abusive language, assault, sexual harassment, bullying, workplace ostracism, and forced personal errands as ‘lack of respect for personality among employees’. Our employees can access the grievance channels via the company website or in-house portal to file such ethical violations.

In addition, we have training, counseling, and handling processes for all employees on harassment at work. We are determined to identify and disclose the number and causes of complaints and actively communicate with employees.

<Human Right Grievance Channels>

<Human Right Grievance Channels>We are providing the website address for reporting human rights violations.
Human Right Grievance Channels


<Non-discrimination>We are indicating the number of reports and corrective actions taken for discrimination incidents from 2019 to 2021.
Discrimination Case000
Corrective Actions Case000